New CTO at kreuzwerker

Kristine Jetzke, Principle Consultant, Team Engagement Manager and seven year kreuzwerker veteran, has joined kreuzwerker's extended management team on 1 June as CTO.

Kristine Jetzke will play a significant and responsible role in the coming years aligning kreuzwerker’s enthusiasm for technology and professionalism with the future.


kreuzwerker proudly turned 11-years-old in February 2021. Over the years, and together with our colleagues from now more than 26 nations, we have developed a comprehensive and in-depth consulting profile. Originally covering all phases of the software development process (process, architecture, development and infrastructure in the AWS Cloud), our portfolio has expanded to include Atlassian Business Consulting, software ideation and consulting on general business and product development processes. At the same time, the company has grown to over 100 employees based in 5 locations. We recently received the AWS Managed Service Provider Competency accolade in spring 2021 for our infrastructure and DevOps qualifications.

When our clients ask me what exactly the tasks of a CTO in such a consulting firm entail, my answers have certainly included the following: developing technically outstanding visions and adapting them to a consultation focus; being responsible for the process of continuous assessment of technology and processes, and ensuring that this is carried through into the organization; intensive aligning with our strategic sales department and program management; ensuring that our technical priorities interact with hiring, as well as responsibility for roadmaps of future skills for our colleagues in consulting; providing content leadership to our topic leads and representing kreuzwerker on the evangelist stage; and of course, a top priority is guaranteeing the best outcomes for our clients in the consulting process. Never see technology as a pure technology basement end in itself, but as an effective accelerator, adapted to the specific context.

To those who have accompanied us as colleagues or customers for even just a few of these eleven years, you will have noticed that I only ever managed to cover just a small part of this ambition, which is self-imposed and appropriate to our company size. In this sense, I am, no, we are happy and privileged to have found the perfect candidate in our long-time colleague Kristine Jetzke who is not only able to formulate this ambition, but also to actually implement and live it. She is an outstanding principal consultant with a precise eye for the structural, technological and process-related challenges of our customers, and she has comprehensive and deep technological expertise. At the same time, she has been a valued colleague in our main Berlin office for more than 7 years, and is very familiar with our client and consulting portfolio, our processes and the profiles of our colleagues. In her new role as Chief Technological Officer, Kristine will drive our technological vision and shape the future of kreuzwerker together with our colleagues.

Here’s to the next 7 years of digital technology as a true and honest craft! Welcome Tine, the new CTO of kreuzwerker!