we touch running systems

We are DevOps and test experts, developers, coaches, and consultants that all share a passion for creating and supervising IT processes. Our experts advise on cutting-edge technology solutions, infrastructure, security, strategy, and process optimization.

One of our guiding principles is meeting our clients eye to eye. By doing so, we establish healthy, cooperative work relationships and methods which are based on honesty. At kreuzwerker, the core of any IT System are the people. We always have your clients' and employees' best interests at heart. By addressing their specific needs, we are able to provide you with practical, custom-made solutions that fit you best.

Our “definition of done” does not stop at the technical implementation, we know that human factors and involvement are crucial for the success as well. We are around to train staff, listen to field reports and improve processes based on the feedback we receive.

This way we can guarantee a smooth and successful migration as well as a perfectly running system.

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