We see good consulting as a matter of listening and understanding, best employed within a defined timespan for a clearly outlined goal. What you won’t find here is stiff suits with stiff thinking and outdated models. Our clients value our philosophy of honesty and productive teamwork as equal partners. Together, we work on lasting IT solutions suited to your needs. Always keeping in mind maximum independence of individual services and products.


Our team of highly qualified developers, analysts and testers boasts knowledge of over forty programming languages and is further familiar with nearly all established frameworks, methods and patterns. We guarantee scalable and sustainable systems based on expertise and our knowledge of the most current technologies. With that, we reaffirm our dedication to placing your employees’ and clients’ needs front and center.


With the founding of kreuzwerker GmbH in 2010 we sought to create an environment which combines the most modern aspects of work and space while leaving maximum freedom to create, shape and participate. Corporate responsibility shared amongst many; constant improvement of skills; flexible work models respecting employees and families. These have become the core principles of our corporate culture. A culture that works with technologies, with people at its heart.

We touch running systems!

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Kreuzwerker offers a wide variety of ways to apply and further develop your skills in a diverse, open environment.

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