May you live in interesting times.

That’s considered a curse in China. But honestly, we like living in interesting times. Because for us it means change, progress, always new challenges and exciting problems. If that’s how you feel like it, we should get to know each other.

Welcome to the open mind office.

kreuzwerker is made by kreuzwerkers. Who we are and what we become depends on what you make of us. Projects, departments, even the entrepreneurial orientation can be shaped by everyone. In addition, we promote the personal development of our employees - even if they sometimes jump outside the box and start their own partner companies. We take that with the open mind very literally.

We still have real problems.

Who wants 9to5 occupational therapy? We love and seek challenges and like to discover new things once in a while. The more complicated a project gets, the more fun we have in solving it. Especially because we are team workers. We learn together and from each other and value a culture in which it is easy to grow a bit further in each new task.

You deserve more than money.

Appreciation does not stop with our salary and we attach great importance to a perfect work atmosphere. But we also do not make fun of anyone by putting up a soccer table and calling it corporate culture. While others are still looking for the right balance, we simply want to offer our employees a good work-life quality. Because we believe that having a good time at work also makes the time with friends and family even more valuable.
If you could well imagine working with us, then please introduce yourself!