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kreuzwerker supports the Berlin urban tree campaign
Denny Duttig

City Trees for Berlin by kreuzwerker

Trees truly do good and are especially important in a city like Berlin. They provide us with air to breathe, shade, improve the climate, filter fine dust, provide habitats for many creatures and enhance the environment. Unfortunately, trees that are cut down in Berlin are often not replaced due to financial reasons. To counteract this, the “Stadtbäume für Berlin” campaign was launched. At kreuzwerker, headquartered in Berlin-Kreuzberg, this topic is close to our hearts, which is why we were so pleased that so many of our colleagues agreed to donate their annual, company birthday present to this project. Thus, we were able to plant a tree in Kreuzberg in cooperation with the campaign “Stadtbäume für Berlin”. The donation not only covers planting, but also the professional care during the first few years. May the tree grow magnificently and make Berlin a greener place!


Thanks to the many donations from our colleagues, we planted “our” kreuzwerker city tree in May, celebrating the occasion with a tree baptism. We gathered together on a beautiful spring day and shared a cool drink. The young tree, located at Sonnenallee 51, is still rather slender and has the necessary support. Fittingly, it’s right in front of a plant store. The owner was very pleased about the new “neighbor” and therefore did not miss the opportunity to toast with us - and promised to keep an eye on the youngster.

We are happy to have made Kreuzberg a bit greener. Thanks to everyone who donated and here’s hoping that the “Stadtbäume für Berlin” campaign will continue to receive great support.