kreuzwerker Christmas Party 2019

Review of our annual kreuzwerker Christmas party


With everyone’s help, the offices were transformed into a ballroom, a place for festive banquets and a children’s paradise. It’s a lot of fun to set it all up, and we feel like we can help in Santa’s workshop (#santasfactory). In a festive preparatory atmosphere we feel so much better than just sitting in an expensive restaurant and eating something.

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We had a decorated Christmas tree called Knut (which regained its freedom a few days later when it was planted in a forest) and nice tables and some lights. Good - next year we might need a little more if we want to get a better placement at the Tagesspiegel. This year Sabine Hölper from the Tagesspiegel celebrated with us. In the series “Berliner Firmenweihnachtsfeiern” of the department “Berliner Wirtschaft” you can read what the press says: next time we need more “bling bling”. But that was the only point of criticism. We agree with it and increase the size of the decorating committee 2020.

Christmas Party 2019


Marcin Gietka and his colleague from Havelland Express transformed our kitchen, where we are served freshly prepared food three days a week, into a star kitchen. They brought additional ovens and refrigerators and prepared a nonpareil buffet all day long. Delicious, organic, regional and with something for every taste. It was SO delicious! And as always, you can say that the best ingredients are the basis for excellent food.

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Letz do it

The evening began with the kids program, organised and accompanied by two lovely young ladies: Children’s entertainment with painting, handicrafts, face painting, story reading and movie time. Dinner for the children was served in the Managed Hosting/Marketing Office, which was also specially redesigned for the children.

At the same time, the “grown-ups” toasted the evening with an aperitif or beer, champagne, wine, soft drinks.

The nice surprise of the evening: a Lego brick challenge for young and old under the motto: “Dream Factory”. The first, second and third best artwork was awarded by a jury using an applause meter.

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After the award ceremony, the buffet was opened and after hours of indulgence, DJ McScean (a member of the Atlassian Business Consulting Team) played for us.

All night long

It’s hard to say when the last guest closed the door, but before that, a lot of fun was had and exchanges of good conversations with those we can’t always talk to because they have to work or are in Munich, Zurich or Warsaw.

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Insider Update

The last ones were …, … and … who left (very, very early) in the morning. For some reason, the time and name just disappeared… 😉