The "kreuzwerker Landpartie"

"Employer Branding” is crazy important... it’s just weird, that, all too often in our industry the well-known, infantilizing "ball pit".

"Employer Branding” is crazy important…

…it’s just weird, that, all too often in our industry the well-known, infantilizing “ball pit”, which some coworking space operators have even elevated to their area-wide style, comes out. Admittedly - these honed, conflict-free and kindergarten-like, all-inclusive adventure parks seem to be well received by many. They seem to make you forget the burden of being a responsible, totally grown-up member of society; at least for the time spent in the workplace. Maybe because they make you want to stay longer? It seems that this cool calculation usually works.

On the other hand, there are, of course, a great many people who expect nothing more from their EMPLOYER than just being given an exciting challenge within the breadwinning context and in an appreciative, neutral atmosphere. Everything else is total time off with a strict boundary in between. It’s a very understandable and professional attitude - which is somewhat unfortunate because our work subjects usually have relatively little direct connection to the personality of the individual. This is less demonstrated in many other job profiles directly during the work itself – we’re just “technicians!”

The “kreuzwerker Landpartie” was launched in 2012 after our young company had taken on its first generation of comrade-in-arms. The founders imagined a type of event in which all those interested could privately get to know each other a little better - and because this usually includes family, partners and children were welcome from the start. And because just one evening of fun wouldn’t suffice, we decided to take time from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. And as the name of the event implies (“Landpartie” means “an outing in the country”), we accordingly retreated into the lonely and unspoiled countryside that so lushly surrounds Berlin, and of which there is much more in neighboring Poland. Ideally without network coverage…

Our modest but steady growth, which now includes more than 60 employees, has made our weekend outing logistics increasingly challenging; especially since we are joined by “alumni” and “family” . Whereas at the beginning sustenance was assured in collective cooking orgies in romantic villas and farmhouses, we now have to resort to more professional accommodations. However, our back office continues to master these challenges to bring us unforgettable weekends – and so it was again this year!

And for this, many thanks!