Tilmann Eing


“Doing things right” for the advanced.

When Tilmann does something, he does it right. kreuzwerker for example. Or helicopter parenting. While amateur parents still sneak into the auditorium with a snack for the kids, Tilmann has long been an honorary board member at the school where his kids go. . No wonder that he loves to communicate, and in his charming way he can create out of many (and sometimes very) different people a great whole. And then there’s his dreaded salami tactic, of course … The inventor of the heartfelt polemic is always in a good mood and has a pronounced 360-degree curiosity about all things, topics and of course people. And if he wants to switch off, he also does it right: “Sailing unwinds you … a very intense feeling that makes you forget everything, absolute concentration on the moment.” Nice final word. You do it right, Tilmann!

Really good at

  • Change Management
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • System Architect