Current situation

In times like this, talking about ourselves excessively is not the right thing to do.

Dear customers, business partners and friends,

kreuzwerker very early and consistently adjusted to all requirements of the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to provide all of our services. It would certainly be exaggerated and trivial to say its “Business as usual” - but we can in fact deliver almost all of our customers’ needs.

Especially in view of the hardship that the current situation is causing for many people and companies, we are extremely grateful that of all people, our customers, have remained loyal to us; the crisis is merely an organizational challenge for us. Not because of our own merit, but because we are simply lucky.

Our employees come from more than 20 nations - we empathize with those suffering in terrible conditions in other countries, and sincerely hope that the worst will soon be over, and that, we as a society, will draw the right conclusions from this experience.

Tilmann Eing
Managing Director