Improving the Cloud

There’s always room for improvement. And we know how to do it. Whether as a one-time project or as a long-term service, whether governance, operations, automation or security, we optimize existing, complex systems and processes in the Cloud.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and DevOps Competency, we offer the best tools in the Amazon AWS Services suite, and can resell AWS services to both commercial and public customers. What we can do for you depends mostly on your situation. Three examples:

You’re just beginning.

Is your business planning to get into the AWS cloud, or have you just recently done this? We help you to make the most of the new world. Not here, but (in further detail) here.

The foundation is laid.

Amazon Web Services are the foundation of your IT infrastructure and you want to take the next step with your business? Now is the time to think in bigger dimensions and put energy into growth. So, instead of spending a lot of energy building technical Cloud know-how, you are looking for a reliable partner. First and foremost, it is about:

  • optimization of account access with complex user management
  • cost optimization through the use of reserved instances and reserved capacity
  • extended infrastructure and application monitoring and alarming

The world is not enough.

You play at enterprise level with a significant AWS presence. The Cloud, however, is only one of many aspects that affects the success of your business. You must scale and plan in several ways in order to grow significantly in the next few quarters. Now many things have to happen at the same time. And to focus on the essentials - your products and services - you need a partner that drives growth on a technical level. In particular through:

  • cost reduction at all levels through reserved instances and reserved capacity
  • dynamic scaling on all levels
  • infrastructure and application monitoring and alarming
  • processing large workloads, such as in BI and Big Data areas
  • professional user management at enterprise level
  • multi-account or multi-cloud set-up
  • mapping advanced business processes