Olivia Ratajzak

Senior Project Manager

Thinking with someone else’s mind

Sure, on the one hand, that’s Olivia’s job description because as delivery manager, she “keeps all the balls in the air at the same time” at our company and in different worlds as well - from the customer to the developer to the product. But it’s also a quote from Jorge Luis Borges, the co-founder of Magical Realism, and thus quite aptly describes Olivia’s actual and by far favorite pastime: reading fantasy and science fiction novels. Well-told stories, lots of interesting characters, and complex plotlines that come together nicely in the end. If anyone knows of one, please recommend it to Olivia. She’d love it. Even though she probably already knows it, but then she’d be even more happy because she’d be able to talk about it with someone.
Every year Olivia looks forward to Christmas all over again, as well as to any illuminating theories about the deeper meaning of the UFO scene in “Monty Python’s Life of Brian.”

Really good at

  • (Agile) Project Management
  • Communication
  • Kanban
  • Organization
  • Scrum
  • Stakeholder Management

Certified in

IMPA Level C
Certified Professional Scrum Master I