Cloud Migrations

Migrating your business to AWS is stepping into a new world. We’ll not only get you there safely, we’ll help you and your teams unleash the full potential of this world for your business. Migrate your workloads to AWS now and save up to 50% on your IT operating costs.

Very important: We touch running systems!

Going full AWS is awesome. As long as you don’t have to shut down the entire company in order to switch everything over. Imagine how your customers would feel about that… We think it’s best if your customers don’t even notice. That’s why we specialize in migrating running systems without any noticeable interruptions.

Customized migration.

Your company isn’t like any other. That’s why we won’t give you a ready-made process plan. We will perfectly tailor everything to your needs so that the transition is as smooth, and the outcome as optimal, as possible. We professionalize the setup and identify the right technologies. In most cases, we use AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to do this.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

The Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a unique AWS program. It is specifically designed to help large enterprises optimize their cloud migration with AWS services and best practices.

AWS MAP is a three-step approach to reduce cost and complexity, and improve the success of your migration with AWS best practices.

Entering the Cloud EN

Step 1 Assess: In the Assess Phase, we determine if your organization is ready for migration, identify challenges, and create a TCO model to estimate the total cost of ownership for the project.

Step 2 Mobilize: The operational foundation for the migration is developed in the Mobilize Phase. This includes technical preparation, competency building, and hands-on experience of how easy it can be to migrate workloads to AWS.

Step 3 Migrate & Modernize: In the migration phase, the previously defined migration plan is executed, workloads and data are migrated, and the new cloud environment is optimized for your applications.

Entering the cloud … with kreuzwerker!

As a long-standing AWS partner, we are qualified to migrate businesses to the cloud using the Migration Acceleration Program. This has the following advantages for you:

  • methodology: Access to methodologies and best practices for migrations and AWS services.
  • training: Access to experienced trainers and consultants to prepare your staff for the cloud.
  • experience: We have been guiding our customers to the AWS Cloud since 2015. Over the years, we have continued to improve our approach together with AWS.
  • cost savings: As an AWS partner, we are entitled to financial support from AWS for our customers.