Money laundering, white-collar crime, terrorist financing. No case for weak nerves ...

FICO Tonbeller is the leading provider of software solutions for sustainable fight against financial crime.

The main objective is the sustainable fight against financial crime. FICO Tonbeller helps banks, insurance companies, and industrial corporations fulfill their compliance obligations, avoid reputational damages, and live up to their own ethical standards.

The Project

FICO Tonbeller is the leading provider of software solutions for sustainable fight against financial crime. In general these products are used in the data centers of banks, insurance companies and industrial corporations in order to fulfill compliance obligations and avoid reputational damages. Migrating to the cloud opens up new opportunities for clients and suppliers.

The Problem

The analysis of financial data represents a substantial challenge in terms of scaling and error tolerance. It is difficult for traditional data centers to keep this step as cost-effective as a public cloud. The solution of aforementioned problem requires flexibility, availability, integrity and confidentiality at each level.

The Solution

kreuzwerker implemented a complete AWS migration of the main products for anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, tax compliance and business partner due diligence. The reliability of Tonbeller products can be further increased thanks to AWS services.

Our Contribution

In cooperation with FICO Tonbeller’s engineers, all components were updated and automated for AWS. Now a multi-client environment can be created, adapted and placed in operation within few minutes. On top of that it is possible to deploy all products with different configurations to be compliant with the high standards in the financial sector.

The Benefit

The cloud enables the clients to secure a direct market advantage themselves. Since the cloud technologies drastically reduce the integration effort, it is possible to achieve a shorter time-to-market, comparing to on-premise projects. The clients benefit not only from the integration, but also from availability, scalability and error tolerance. In the on-premise field there are very expensive and complex measures to ensure high availability and error tolerance. Now they are included in the cloud offer for FICO Tonbeller. Due to the flexibility of the cloud environment, it is possible to scale the environment with the clients growth. The flexible scaling allows on a price model that is specially adapted to the needs of the clients.

The Upshot

With the help of kreuzwerker and AWS, Fico has successfully adopted a cloud-based solution that meets the regulatory requirements. As one of the few AWS Financial Services partners based in Germany, the company offers the opportunity to meet all regulatory requirements in a reliable and cost-effective way.