Kristine Jetzke

Chief Technology Officer

Women and Technology…

Kristine used to want to be a lawyer or a journalist. But we’re glad she became a kreuzwerker. She has mastered tons of tools, and is at home in software development and architecture as she is in project management, and she also has… Oh, you know what, for the sake of simplicity, we’d rather just list what Kristine can’t do:________________________ ! That’s one of the reasons why Kristine is now our CTO. And if we had our way, there could be a lot more of them. That is, a lot more women in leadership positions in technically demanding environments. Especially if we look at the calendar and see that it’s the 21st century. In any case, we would like to see more “women and technology” in the industry, but especially in our own. Kristine is already taking care of her own female offspring by raising two daughters. But we’d also be happy if things moved a little faster. Calling all women: apply!

Really good at

  • AWS
  • APIs (REST & GraphQL)
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Contract Testing with Pact
  • Java
  • Logging
  • Message Queues
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Spring Boot

Certified in

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
ISTQB - ISTQB Ceritified Tester