kreuzwerker is now an AWS Migration Competency and 3x Service Delivery partner

Thanks to a great team effort, kreuzwerker is proud to have achieved additional AWS Competencies und Service Deliveries in the past months.

For more than ten years now kreuzwerker has been helping customers in unleashing the full potential of the AWS cloud by designing, building, migrating, modernizing and running robust applications in it. Our long-time experience was recently validated once again by AWS when we achieved the AWS Migration Competency and multiple AWS Service Deliveries.


The AWS Migration Competency validates AWS partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success when it comes to migrating legacy infrastructure and applications to the cloud. This covers technical aspects such as selecting the best migration strategy, choosing the right tools and implementing solutions, but also business, process and people aspects. kreuzwerker has years of experience supporting and accelerating the migration initiatives of many different clients across all industries and of all sizes. This expertise has now been validated by acceptance into the AWS Migration Competency program. We were required to present our approach, standards and experience, which was backed by multiple customer case studies in a formal audit. We are happy to have received this stamp of approval and are looking forward to supporting even more clients with the first major step in their cloud adoption journey!

We’re nowhere near stopping. In order to take full advantage of the cloud, applications running in it need to make use of cloud-native technology. One of the most native approaches is to make use of Serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, which can be used, for example, to re-architect an existing monolithic application to a more modern, event-driven, microservices architecture.

kreuzwerker has been building Serverless applications since 2016. We are proud to have our expertise validated by becoming an AWS Lambda Partner, an Amazon API Gateway Partner and Amazon DynamoDB Partner as part of the AWS Service Delivery Program. This program validates AWS Partners who have deep technical knowledge, experience, and proven success in delivering specific AWS services to customers. In order to get accepted into the programs, kreuzwerker had to pass rigorous technical validations to ensure that we follow best practices and had to provide case studies demonstrating successful customer service delivery.

aws50 certified web

We were the first German company to be awarded the AWS DevOps Competency in 2018, and accepted into the Managed Service Provider Program last year. These accolades show that our team of more than 50 certified AWS consultants is more than well-equipped to support clients in each step of their cloud transformation journey. We offer everything from migration to application, modernization to optimization, consulting/advisory services to implementation and execution to training and enablement, as well as operating infrastructure and workloads at scale in a true 24/7 managed service model. Contact us at to learn more about how we can support you!