Bootstrapping for Enterprises

Chances, challenges, future... We can’t bear hearing another word about digitization. We would much rather finally do it. After all, once you understand that it's about people first, and then technology, it's not so bad. Of course worlds might collide - the digital natives versus the "we’ve-always-done-it-like-that". But that's exactly what we’re here to do. We want (and can!) make cooperation out of opposition.

A good bridge is built from both sides.

We don’t just understand all things digital, but also the people and companies that have to live and work with it. We work on both sides because we believe that digitization can only succeed if both sides understand each other. And that brings us to two exciting tasks (in this order):

Man must become more digital.

Digitization begins with the development of digital competence. In order to achieve this, companies often build completely new teams known as digital ventures, digital labs or innovation labs to develop new products, services and processes. Ideally, they’re supported by the individual departments of the parent company. Digitization should not only take place in the laboratory, but should be felt and experienced throughout the company. Because of our experience in launching start-ups, we can assist you in all phases of establishing labs and ventures and, above all, optimally arrange the transfer to the specialist departments. After all, the digital future should not feel like a foreign body in your company. This brings us to the second exciting task:

Digital must become more human.

Transferring insights and results from labs to your existing business is the biggest challenge of digitization. That’s why we proceed in this area with a lot of tact. We meet your employees where they are and accompany them along the way. We work cross-functionally, incorporate your opinion leaders in the team, and working together, we develop ways to transform the criticism and doubts about digital transformation into passion. In our opinion, the team’s experience and living of “real life” is more successful than simulations and claims on presentation charts. Why are we so confident? Because we’ve always done it like that…

Our Services:

  • bridging cultural differences between Old and New Economy
  • empathy and leadership by acting and taking the existing workforce along
  • mediate between new and old world developers and methodologies
  • support in developing new product ideas
  • support in charting a product roadmap
  • support in adapting existing processes to the new world
  • development of necessary infrastructure and creation / communication of guidelines for the change in ideation and development process
  • creation of the first new products between the existing governance processes and agile development
  • identify and showcase faster feedback loops and necessary adaptation to rapidly changing requirements
  • exploit Cloud infrastructures for prototypes and products
  • waterfall / V-model to Agile (decision makers think it’s just “great”) to respond quickly to strong market pressure
  • everyone has an app today, we want one too. (How do I find developers who want to work with me?)
  • certification vs. agile (medicine, insurance industry)
  • agile is not chaos