Anja Gruss

Senior Consultant

Un-artificial intelligence.

Anja is a great fit for us because she’s very Kreuzberg: direct, with clear edges and a very short fuse when it comes to patience. She likes big choirs, Nine Inch Nails, heavy, dry red wine and dark chocolate. She puts on a Disney film when she’s in a bad mood; when she’s in a good mood, anything that’s from out of this world. As a teenager, Anja “devoured” the Dune series, and has loved everything Sci-Fi ever since. She is always happy to receive tips for books and movies. She is convinced that technical problems are interpersonal and interpersonal problems can often be solved with technology. She is fascinated by artificial intelligence, what it tries to do and what it fails at. And if she responds to a polite question “Huh? No, why?” then chances are you’ll become best friends. But then again maybe not. In Kreuzberg, you just never know.

Really good at

  • Backend Development
  • CI/CD
  • Code Quality Tools
  • Content Management Systems
  • Databases
  • Java / Spring Boot
  • Testing Patterns & Approaches