Complex systems are tricky to update. Turning off or replacing systems costs a lot of time and money. We make this unnecessary by optimizing running systems without noticeable interruptions. Many won’t, but: We touch running systems!

You can’t shut down some systems requiring optimization for a few hours let alone a few days. The other options, which are usually just as bad (stick to the old system) or rather expensive (set up a completely new system), have now become superfluous. Without noticeable interruptions, kreuzwerker improves running systems by bringing them up-to-date to perform at benchmark levels. True, it’s like changing a tire on a moving car, or even the engine, but that’s why only the brightest do this sort of work. And luckily, most of those who do, work for us.

Home, sweet, uncharted territory

We love finding solutions to unexpected problems and growing together with our customers. When evaluating existing systems and processes, we speak with you simply and carefully. And eye-to-eye. There’s a reason for every shortcut, every compromise and every open construction site, and we try to understand them together with you. Besides, we don’t just think it’s important that we know what we’re doing, but that you do too. Only then will we start with the real work, which proceeds in many small and safe steps.

Because they know exactly what they’re doing…

We have experts who know the unknown like the back of their hand. Our versatile team has experience in a variety of fields – whether in medical technology, Internet pioneering, navigation artistry, or with authorities and large corporations. What’s unique about us is our expertise in anything from large Internet platforms with thousands of daily visitors to mission-critical internal applications. We can do “continuous deployment” or quarterly releases, start-up or enterprise, waterfall or agile. We do exactly what needs to be done.

When is remastering necessary?

When you’ve got a can of worms. Obviously…

So, your system is becoming older and somehow doesn’t operate like it once did? It reacts slowly and inquiries aren’t processed promptly? Sometimes it crashes - and nobody knows why. Every change, every new feature takes forever until it can go live? We look at everything carefully, analyze it and give you an honest recommendation on what steps to take next, and whether remastering makes sense.

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing metrics and monitoring infrastructure
  • Installation and acquisition of suitable metrics
  • Analysis and evaluation of the selected architecture / infrastructure and technology
  • Mapping and assessing business requirements for architecture and operations
  • Determine the target image
  • Create a migration plan
  • Make the changes with your team
  • Implementation and Rollout
  • Coaching and guiding the existing team into the “new world”
  • Team leading, engagement and explanation

If you want to be ready for the future.

Are you not sure what your system can do or whether it will withstand the onslaught of tomorrow? Are you planning marketing campaigns and want to launch?

We like looking under the hood, analyzing, and testing your system. And then we give you a detailed overview of where your system needs improvements, what these improvements look like, and how much better your enhanced system would perform. And that’s exactly how we’ll install it.

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing metrics and monitoring infrastructure
  • Installation and capture of appropriate metrics
  • Analysis and evaluation of the selected architecture / infrastructure and technology
  • Carrying out of load tests
  • Determine optimization potential
  • Target architecture
  • Migration planning
  • Make the changes with your team
  • Implementation and Rollout
  • coaching and taking the existing team into the “new world”
  • Team leadership, pick up and explain
  • Mediating and “translating” business and development views

So you want to reinvent yourself.

You have great ideas but not enough resources to implement them in a timely manner?

We’d be happy to reinforce your team and help you develop yourselves. We also like to look at the big picture in order to make you even more efficient.

  • Cooperation in existing teams
  • Quick familiarization with the business model and domain
  • Quick familiarization with the existing development process
  • Takeover of the source code
  • Development and testing
  • Support in infrastructure and monitoring
  • “Active” accompaniment in the project
  • Gently opening our toolbox, which has been accumulated in numerous projects

And if a remastering is no longer enough.

No worries. Because we can just as easily and well "start from scratch.” If for example, you want to expand your business model or really want to get involved in digitization. Reach out to our Bootstrapping for Enterprises experts.