Bootstrapping for Start-ups

If you think magic also stands for years of experience, process knowledge, creative solution thinking, passion and hard work, we do too. After all, a new idea is not worth anything if you can’t turn it into the best quality at a reasonable cost in the shortest possible time. With bootstrapping, we can take a start-up one step further at any point in its evolution - whether it's just starting from zero or just about to scale the world.

Seed / Ideation

Everything starts with an idea. If you don’t have an idea or it’s not quite developed yet, then we would like to share the following thought with you: Click here


The “start” in start-up.

So, you’ve got the big idea, financing, and you’re all ready to start. But how? Which method? Which system? And most importantly, with whom? A thousand questions come up, especially now that everything has to go fast and be good. By using our expert experience, we help you chart the right roadmap and take pragmatic steps to get to market both quickly and with sufficient quality. We build processes and teams with you, and iteratively come up with the Minimum Viable Product. If the chemistry is right, we also gladly provide you with a well-qualified, cross-functional team that can successfully place your idea on the market with enthusiasm, experience and ingenuity.

  • support charting the product roadmap
  • support, introduce and even demonstrate the development process
  • set up necessary infrastructure: version control systems, agile boards, chat tools, documentation standards, etc.
  • support in creating the MVP Requirements Catalog - balance between business and technology
  • translate business ideas into executable units so that the development team understands where to go
  • Implementation / creation of the MVP
  • rollout of the MVP - We go to market
  • operation of the MVP
  • support in finding and building your own team
  • train your own team - values, process and technology
  • coordination of external partners
  • interim team leadership
  • interim CTO


Murphy and the way to the MVP

The product is designed, the go-live deadline is set, the marketing machine is rolling and investors are expecting a big show…but there’s a fire behind every corner. Services fail, performance is not sufficient, response times are much too long. And all the last-minute changes don’t make the process any faster. Anything that can go wrong, does. The precise roadmap turns into wild firefighting, and the team is completely at the stop. It should be your best time ever. But now, more than ever, the big show needs a steady hand. That’s why we don’t turn everything upside down. We observe, accompany you, support the team and provide the fine tuning for everyone to achieve their full potential. So that in the end, the big show is not just show.

  • analyze and evaluate selected architecture
  • analyze and evaluate selected technologies
  • analyze existing development process
  • support and complete your team
  • agile coach
  • developer
  • Cloud operations engineer
  • designer
  • product owner

MVP Troubleshooting

Trouble shooting without Friendly Fire.

The plan was perfect; the MVP is up. But somehow it’s not working… There are 100 functions, but only 10 work, and badly at that. Demand is too high: crash. Response time is much too long: customers walk. Small adjustments take an eternity. And the design is only pragmatic and not “wow”. In this critical phase, the trench between target and technology widens, and the one side does not understand what the other one wants. Or is doing. We understand because we’ve been there. That’s why we know exactly what do to. We’re not looking for mistakes, but solutions, and will optimize everything together with your team.

  • understand why target was reached
  • analysis and evaluation of the selected architecture
  • analysis and evaluation of the selected infrastructure
  • analysis and evaluation of selected technologies
  • analysis of the existing development process
  • chart a roadmap to adapt the topics developed
  • implementation of the roadmap
  • MVP rollout
  • MVP operation
  • coaching and “living by example” of the existing team
  • interim team leadership
  • interim CTO

MVP to Product

Long live the king.

So, MVP was successful and you brought your idea to market. Now it’s exciting (again)! But not everything that brought you here will help you now. You have to integrate a long-term strategy. And at the same time, many things must happen simultaneously. New features need to be developed while the existing system is maintained and taken care of. The customer is now king and the king is demanding. Just as demanding as the marrying the principles of the created and evolving world. Its not only a question of technology, but also one of communication and cooperation. We’ve already experienced what it means to be “live,” and can help you optimize everything.

  • adapting to a sustainable product life cycle
  • analysis and evaluation of the chosen architecture
  • analysis and evaluation of the selected infrastructure
  • analysis and evaluation of selected technologies
  • adaptation of development processes
  • maintenance and development in harmony
  • analysis, evaluation and implementation of continuous operation
  • process
  • metrics & tools
  • “hands on” everything
  • interim team management
  • interim CTO

Scaling, new markets

That’s the end of the beginning.

Your start-up is slowly becoming a company. You are mostly concerned with the question “How do I scale my business model?” Some of your colleagues are meanwhile planning to leave the company or have already left. It’s the biggest challenge when switching from start-up to company: taking everyone with you. At least to keep the specific know-how of your company at the same level. That’s what we’re really good at. Many of our employees have spent a long time developing products, managing their own companies and successfully combining maintenance and development. So we are fluent in “change”, able to quickly analyze existing systems and scale the momentum and energy of the "early days.”

  • “hands on” current product
  • analysis and familiarization with the chosen architecture
  • analysis of and familiarization with the chosen infrastructure
  • jointly developing and designing the corporate structure and processes
  • communication
  • infrastructure
  • process
  • development
  • building a sustainable team
  • interim team management
  • interim CTO
  • interim CIO