Well Architected Framework Review

Learn architectural best practices to run your systems in the cloud more efficiently, reliably, cost-effectively and securely. We use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to identify areas of improvement so that you can enhance your business success.

The Well-Architected Review (WAR) is an architectural assessment based upon the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The framework is a set of best practice standards that will help you to increase quality, save costs and help your employees achieve organizational goals. The review includes a report, which includes recommendations on how to meet best practices and increase business value delivered by cloud.

We are one of the few AWS Partners with competencies in the DevOps and Well-Architected program in Germany. This means that we perform at least 16 WARs per year and are subject to strict quality assurance controls by AWS. 90% of the companies we work with proceed with the Well-Architected Review recommendations afterwards and thus secure $5000 in AWS credits.

The Well-Architected Framework Pillars

The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) helps cloud architects build the most secure, high-performance, resilient and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications. The WAF is organized into six areas or pillars:

Framework Pillars

Operational Excellence

How to run systems and gain insight into operations in order to deliver business value and to continuously improve supporting processes and procedures.


How to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.


How to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.

Performance Efficiency

How to efficiently use computing resources to meet requirements and how to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.

Cost Optimization

How to continually refine and improve the cost of a system over its entire lifecycle.


How to minimize the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads and how to create a shared responsibility model for sustainability, understanding the impact, and maximizing utilization to minimize required resources.

70% of well over 10,000 businesses world-wide found critical issues with their workloads.” Rodney Lester, Tech Lead AWS Well Architected about the learnings from over 10,000+ Well Architected Review.

The Process

Steps Details Who is involved Time Commitment
Intro and initial review We get to know each other, prepare the relevant data and arrange the review with the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Your project team
  • kreuzwerker Solution Architect
  • kreuzwerker Account Executive
30 min
Well-Architected Review We use the AWS Well-Architected tool to evaluate and assess your current workload in order to get a 360-degree view of your processes and come up with a solution that is based on the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework. Our Solution Architects talk to people directly involved in maintaining and developing your current environment.
  • Your project team
  • kreuzwerker Solution Architect
4-6 hours
Findings and Reporting Overview 48 hours after the review, we will present you a report about detailed critical and quick-win findings and an appropriate remediation roadmap.
  • Your project team
  • kreuzwerker Solution Architect
  • kreuzwerker Account Executive
60 min
Remediation (Optional) If desired, kreuzwerker can assist with remediation. AWS supports the remediation of findings from the Well-Architected Review with $5.000 in AWS credits, if at least 45 percent of the High-Risk Findings are resolved. So this programm basically pays for itself!

Your benefits

  • Secure $5000 in AWS Credits for your business
  • Get solutions to pressing issues and a prioritized roadmap of remediation goals.
  • Keep up with the volume and velocity of new AWS services - some may address your issues immediately, such as cost or performance.
  • Identify business benefits of modern infrastructure: better customer experience, faster time to market, scalability and more.
  • Address areas of security and compliance risk before they cause problems.

Our blog series about the Well-Architected Framework pillars

Increase the business value of your cloud by applying architectural best practices. kreuzwerker will also assist you in securing credit-based funding for remediations and/or business line extensions from AWS where applicable. Contact us!