Manage Information with Elastic Stack

Why does everyone say that information is the currency of the present and the future? Because it’s true.

The adequate, timely and secure access to relevant information has become essential since the transition from the industrial to the information age, as well as the rapid growth of the media and IT landscapes. So, what if providing this access could become your competitive advantage? That’s where we kreuzwerker come in.

Customers want to be able to inform themselves about products and services as efficiently as possible. They expect to achieve the best possible hit rate with little or even incorrect information and as few search terms as possible, and yet, get all the information. It’s not pretty, but that’s how it is. Product and marketing teams have to deal with this head on. They have to obtain information on customer behavior, customer interest and customer wishes in connection with system-internal parameters such as delivery times, error rates, etc. This is of course because they quickly want to offer services that are data-driven, adapted and extended.
Software engineers and administrators want to see and recognize problems in the system before a customer even reports them. Being aware of deficits and promptly eliminating them avoids stress and provides time to develop new features.

But how do you combine all these different viewpoints of a common service and product portfolio?

Elastic Stack is the answer.

Elastic Stack is a combination of different Elasticsearch services and applications. It allows you to target the collection, preparation and presentation of information. You can simply choose yourself. For example, the completely managed Cloud solution or the self-managed service in your own data center. I see, and how?

kreuzwerker help.

We work together with you to compile, install, configure and operate the right applications and services – all naturally tailored to your needs. Technology is the necessary means to an end. Especially when dealing with information, the relationship to the business model and the ability to identify and answer the right questions is essential for your success. We rely on our experience from numerous projects in the field of e-commerce - from small online stores to globally operating trading platforms. Our continuous cooperation with major German TV stations and publishing and media houses enables us to ask the right questions in the world of broadcast and media. And to come up with the right answers and optimal solutions together.

The financial world is shifting its business to the Internet. Established companies and start-ups alike are stampeding into an ever faster operating market. As kreuzwerker, we are and have been allowed to participate in this process with our customers.

Give us your challenges. We will master them together.

Our offer

  • We map your business domain in Elasticsearch so that your customers can find information quickly and easily.
  • We analyze and evaluate your current Elasticsearch configuration.
  • We adapt your current Elasticsearch configuration to improve response times and hits.
  • We develop monitoring and notification solutions while taking business-relevant key figures into account.
  • We analyze and evaluate your existing monitoring solutions.
  • We adapt and expand your logging, monitoring and notification infrastructure.
  • We analyze your area of business and advise on a suitable use of Elastic Stack.
  • We coach and advise you in joint workshops, and also accompany your experts in their everyday tasks.

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