Agile Trainings

Offer your organization’s employees structured training in the skills we consider an essential prerequisite to remaining successful in a complex, ever-changing world. Important topics include: Agile tools, leadership today, and virtual collaboration.

Where there’s a problem there’s a solution. So, what are we waiting for?!

Do you want to make a difference through in-depth knowledge, field-tested know-how and enhanced skills? Do you want to become more Agile? That magic little word “Agility” has to endure a lot. Because it’s not just a topic for development teams on their way to “high performance”; it’s also as important for every team member on their own personal tour of mastery. Or for managers who want to create the right environmental conditions so that a functioning corporate culture can emerge. Agility is important for the entire organization if you want to be structurally well positioned for today’s world.

So, what’s it all about?

Agile has three heart chambers: continuous learning, challenging the familiar and trying out new things. Three heart chambers? Huh!?! Challenge the familiar!!! We are happy to help you reach the next level and to become better. In order to make this happen, we offer you kreuzwerker Academy’s standard training, as well as individually designed workshops.

Topics featured in our training sessions

Agile Transition & Change Management - All aboard?

At the beginning of any major change or transformation, it must be ensured that everyone involved is working from roughly the same information base and share a common understanding of the issues to be tackled - e.g. in a bootcamp.

  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Story Writing & Story Mapping
  • Outcome Based Planning
  • How to create OKRs that work

Agile leadership & personal development - Can I do it?

Introducing a new organizational structure in which certain individuals receive something such as responsibility for personnel for the first time is another example. It’s essential here to train them in dealing with employees - i.e. in personnel development, communication or even mediation.

  • Agile Metrics - Crunching Numbers with Purpose in Mind
  • Communicating effectively and nonviolently
  • Retrospectives that lead to Change
  • Feedback culture in the Agile enterprise: mutual benefit for all

Organizational Development & Upskilling - Sticking with it!

Even in ongoing operations, there are innovations or changes that make it necessary for you to provide a group of people with new knowledge, and then familiarize them with its practical application. Topics can be tailored to your individual needs - contact us!

This is how it works

For our training structure and didactics, we tap into a wide range of methods that are based on the latest findings in cognitive neuroscience regarding effective knowledge transfer.

For example, our trainings are strongly based on the 6 effective learning principles of the “training from the back of the room” approach, and include elements from process facilitation, such as “Liberating Structures” and are based on Agile values & principles.

What we don’t offer.

Our trainings are anything but a boring, non-interactive and uninspiring PowerPoint presentation.

What we want to achieve.

It is particularly important to us that the learning objectives we have mutually agreed on are measurably achieved; that all participants are engaged and happily present; and that the new competencies were playfully acquired by learning by doing and with immediate feedback in a safe space. Our trainings should be exhilarating. And they should enable and motivate participants to continue working on the topic themselves. Continuing is always more effortless than stopping and having to get going again. It’s also more fun.

Now it’s your turn

Drop by our kreuzwerker Academy or contact us for an individual workshop request via or use the contact form.

We also offer

  • Agile Coaching - We accompany your teams, your executives or even the whole organization with commitment on the journey to an Agile company.

  • Agile Consulting - A view from an expert from the outside can sometimes be very enlightening.

  • Agile Leadership Mentoring - We support your leaders in finding their own solutions for specific contexts so that they remain the rock of your organization.

  • Agile Workshop - Think, create and decide together. We will gladly guide you through the process. What is your topic, what would be a good result?