Agile Consulting

You have questions? Actually quite a lot of questions? So do we. Is this the right way? Another question. But that's the only way to get the right answers. Any more questions?

Making sense with Agile

Looking at something from the outside can sometimes be very enlightening - especially when it’s done by experts. Agile Consulting means meaningfully increasing your own organizational adaptability by defining where you start together with experts.

What direction is the business world heading in right now? And how is your company preparing for it?

We live in a world that is constantly changing. It is less and less clear where we are heading. We have to conclude that there’s not just one road for everyone. But it’s clear that a road must be followed.

The need for companies to adapt and to be able to react quickly and adequately to changes - in other words, to be Agile - is increasing.

To get there, you need to look at many aspects of your business, put them to the test, and think anew. But how? And where do you start? And what may remain as it is?

You guessed it: This leads to questions, more questions and then even more questions. But there is no need to panic; it’s perfectly normal. Answers can only be found by asking questions. So, let’s ask the right questions together and find answers that will systematically put you into a good position for today’s world. Our goal: You increase your adaptability, stay on the ball and be as successful as you have been or even more.

Where do we start?

First, we want to understand where you and your company currently stand. To acquire better insight, we will accompany you on your daily routine, analyze processes, conduct interviews with key stakeholders or bring all parties together for a kick-off workshop. We are also happy to conduct a systematic Agile Maturity Assessment. This requires using a questionnaire, which assesses the Agility of your organization based on a variety of dimensions.

It’s also important for us to understand your goal or to develop it together with you. Whether it is called North Star, Product Vision or something else - it is important to have a direction that you and your employees can follow.

The tension between actual and target helps us to identify possible options. Very important: We work with you where the greatest value can be generated. After listening to your thoughts, we design a roadmap, make our recommendation, define goals, metrics and a process that leads you into the defined direction. And if you wish, we will also accompany you along the way.

Our Approach

We believe in what we tell you. Because we constantly check it against reality. Because we want to learn from it ourselves. Because we want to make a difference. What we pass on is up-to-date and based on a wealth of experience.

People are the center of attention for us, or in other words: You with your specific concern are the center of attention for us. And also, your employees. And the corporate culture. Because, as we all know, it is the major lever for success.

Of course, we work situationally. There are no ready-made solutions. We first want to understand you, your problem and your individual situation, and then find the right ingredients based on our wealth of experience. Nevertheless, we are happy to point out possible options as ‘good practices’.

Sounds interesting? It is more than that: it’s exciting, inspiring and ultimately necessary, if you want to remain successful in your business. Write us at: or call us at: +49 160 743 74 19 for a preliminary, no obligation conversation!

We also offer

  • Agile Coaching - We accompany your teams, your executives or even the whole organization with commitment on the journey to an Agile company.

  • Agile Leadership Mentoring - We support your leaders in finding their own solutions for specific contexts so that they remain the rock of your organization.

  • Agile Training - We are also happy to provide support with training that teaches the Agile way of working so that all employees are brought to the same level in a structured way.

  • Agile Workshop - Think, create and decide together. We will gladly guide you through the process. What is your topic, what would be a good result?