Agile Leadership Mentoring

Agile leadership is not easy, but it is important. A meaningful work culture needs thoughtful action. We support you with our expertise in new thinking and new action. For a company that can withstand today's challenges.

Agility and Leadership - A well-matched pair

Leadership plays a significant role in our increasingly Agile work world. Through your attitude and actions, you can create a corporate culture that encourages teams to self-organize and helps people to succeed. Yes, it’s challenging. It’s only difficult though, if you don’t consciously work it out.

Agile Leadership Mentoring

Agile leadership itself is simple, but in practice, pitfalls are everywhere.

Once managers have embarked on the path of Agile leadership, they quickly come up against a real challenge: they must follow their Agile principles in all weathers of everyday life and translate them into practice again and again. But you know the saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. For the everyday work of managers, this means: be prepared. With our Agile Leadership Mentoring, you won’t be surprised by a sudden weather change in your company.

What we’ll do for you

People in leadership positions are unique, their challenges multifaceted.
We at kreuzwerker provide impulses by using models, frameworks, concepts and good practices. We show alternatives, share our expertise, offer our ideas and co-develop with you new approaches for better perspectives. Our approach always has different faces because the solution is as diverse as the problem itself.


  • see ourselves as partners who offer you a safe space in which you can think,
  • listen: actively, openly and without the influence of any obstructive, organizational structures and hierarchies,
  • give impulses and collaborate to develop solutions and instruments that are both individually and situationally tailored,
  • are available as your sparring partner in your learning process and remind you of the goals you have set and encourage reflection,
  • challenge you to change your perspective, encourage you, strengthen your self-efficiency and celebrate your successes with you.

Aha, encourage and celebrate successes? Thank you, very much. But how?

Your professional growth is our priority

We accompany you with competence through the fine nuances of Agile leadership. We start with inviting you to define your goals, describe your current position and develop initial implementation strategies. It’s almost like going to the doctor, beginning with the question, “Where does it hurt?” We want to understand your pain points: Where are your stumbling blocks? What is holding you back? From here we proceed agil. One by one, we remove hurdles, illuminate blind spots, inspire and motivate. We work continuously in a goal and value-oriented manner to strengthen your abilities and skills.
We define Agile Leadership Mentoring as a professional and personal development journey.

We will support you in identifying, activating and strengthening your resources. With an eye on every detail, we help you with advice and action on your way to a better self, and to

  • better decisions
  • genuinely successful communication
  • more self-efficacy
  • increased effectiveness
  • increased resilience
  • more clarity
  • better self-leadership.

Our work is guided by Agile values, principles, frameworks and tools, as well as systems theory. We’re intensively inspired by the current research of Positive Leadership and the Mindful Leadership movement. Last but not least, we also incorporate elements from the rich experience of our consulting work.

So, now it’s your turn. With three important steps:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Collect your thoughts
  3. Call us or send us an email

We look forward to getting to know you and would be happy to talk to you without obligation about an initial orientation. Write us at: or call us at: +49 160 743 74 19.

We also offer

  • Agile Coaching - As an embedded Agile Coach, we accompany your teams, your executives or even the whole organization with commitment on the journey to an Agile company.

  • Agile Consulting - A view from an expert from the outside can sometimes be very enlightening.

  • Agile Training - We are also happy to provide support with training that teaches the Agile way of working so that all employees are brought to the same level in a structured way.

  • Agile Workshop - Think, create and decide together. We will gladly guide you through the process. What is your topic, what would be a good result?