Agility and Transformation

You have a new product? You’re offering new services? Maybe you have a new role or a new team? Or you’re a manager facing a unique challenge involving the development of people and teams, or the transformation of the entire organization? Then we're a good fit. Because our approach to collaboration is also unique. We provide clarity where uncertainty rules. We transform and make flexible; we coach, advise and enable. And in doing so, we help to realize what wants to emerge from within you: Nothing less than the future.

An idea is born…

The world is shifting at an insane pace, and you face the challenge to react quickly and flexibly to these changes. “Business as usual” is no longer enough to stay competitive. In the worst case scenario, you will be completely pushed out of the market. Agility and innovation are no longer just adequate means to attract the best talent; rather, they are necessary capabilities for business survival.

You have many ideas for a better future. For more successful products, better results, a more innovative company culture. For an overall goal-oriented and high-performing organization. And for work that is truly fulfilling - we thank in memoriam Frithjof Bergmann for his thought-provoking ideas. But you may not know the fastest way how to get there and with as little risk as possible. Or you know how, but just can’t. For example, because of a lack of suitable employees. Or because of systemic obstacles in the form of rigid and hierarchical organizational structures. Or you have a corporate culture that has adversely solidified over time. Or perhaps because of everything all at once.

Wherever you may happen to find yourself on this constant transformational journey - we recognize the potential inside you. We understand the challenge you are facing. We’ve helped others finally tackle it; get into motion again and become agile, and make their ideas fly.

We are your strategic development partner, supporting and guiding you in achieving your goals. Not just in technology or product, but in your organization as a whole. Holistic business agility, measurable and with a clear direction, and aligned with your business strategy.

Our approach

To reduce complexity and enable the culture that is needed, new processes, structures or tools can be an important and necessary step. For example, we support you in modernizing your organization from legacy ‘silos’ to cross-functional structures, or in the introduction of an Agile Framework or product-focused organization. It helps that we’re seeing the world through the same lens as you - the one producing the 360° customer experience view.

And at the same time, we pay special attention to the most important source of your success: your employees; with their respective human skills, attitudes and contexts. We don’t want to overwhelm you by introducing all the ideas and tools all at once. Instead, we will involve you in constant experimentation on the way to the winning side - iteratively, incrementally and at eye level. So that you may embrace the new, make it yours and incorporate it into your thinking and actions. And that you’ll be able to further develop it yourself.

We introduce agility and innovation not only at the development team level, but invite you to allow the different parts of the organization to drive a tailored and targeted approach to continuous improvement - focusing on their respective conditions and capabilities. This maintains the connection between the executive and practitioner, enabling flexibility, resilience, creativity and responsiveness at the whole level. Only with this holistic and authentic approach can the individual parts become a truly well-functioning whole.

And as a by-product, together we will positively change your corporate culture; without a costly top-down program with a high deflagration effect. A culture emerges that sometimes gets its impulses from all the periphery, sometimes from the middle and sometimes from the top. But ideally from the side through lateral leadership. From where there is effective latitude for change; in reality that is.

What we do for you

What it’s like to work with us

There is no such thing as THE perfect company. Each one has different employees, different challenges, a different story. We don’t have a blueprint, but tailor our solution and approach to your needs. Of course, not ‘out of the blue’; but closely intertwined with agile values and principles, and enriched with the diverse experience we have gained in various industries. We are happy to let you profit from this as well.

Contrary to some other players in the industry we have no intention of locking in junior staff with you long term to maximize our ‘billable hours’. We also don’t believe in transformation through outsourcing, but rather, in change through adoption. Our goal is to fill your future with energy by sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise so that you can solve problems as quickly as possible. We love challenges, and we look forward to tackling your next one together with you.

Buzzword Bingo? Get started instead!

Oh, all the things we could still write about! About design thinking, feedback culture, digital prototyping and our special approach to establishing a sustainable innovation culture in companies. But we can also go straight into practice - all change begins with a first step:

Write us at or call us at +49 160 743 74 19 for an initial, informal conversation.

What else we can do for you

  • Classic IT consulting & business consulting
  • Software development (also in near-shoring mode)
  • Software and system integration
  • Cloud consulting, cloud migration & infrastructure automation
  • Cloud operation of software, services and entire platforms
  • Process consulting and optimization (automation, end to end, tooling)
  • Managed Hosting