Agile Workshops

Yes, break free!!! But Why? Sometimes you simply need to break out of the operational rut in order to be able to see clearly again and to react appropriately. To what? To the continuous changes that pop up day after day in your team or even in the entire organization. And of course, to think, to create and to come up with decisions together. We’d be happy to accompany you in this process as workshop designer and facilitator. What’s your topic? What are your goals?

Companies are also just people

Beyond the big issues and cultural processes, there are always individual topics in organizational development that you need to talk about in order to reach common ground. What you don’t have in focus early on – because it doesn’t seem like such a big issue – may later blow up in your face and demand, “Why didn’t you deal with me sooner?”

It’s really important as a group or team to face the meta-perspective together on a regular basis. This is how you get to know each other better, reach agreements on specific issues, and create a common perspective. These are the essential elements to creating better relationships, enabling a culture of togetherness, and achieving success together.

Where can we lend a hand?

Do the teams need a so-called “working agreement”? A definition of “done”? An overview of the skills represented in the team?

Do the product people need guidance in creating a persona? A customer journey map? A product vision?

Or do the people managers want to be able to create the best possible conditions for their direct reports to develop to their full potential, or for teams to develop to high performance?

Do you want to define a new strategy, introduce OKRs, or develop a clearer understanding of what “true” customer-centricity looks like in practice?

Whatever your concern, it needs a clearly guided and results-oriented process that is tailored to the situation at hand.

Actually, we should call them Success-through-fun-shops.

Okay, let’s stick with the term workshop - we design them to be as interactive and entertaining as possible so that goals are achieved in a relaxed working atmosphere.

The building block of our practices is modular so that different needs can be grouped and addressed together. We help ourselves out of a pool that includes: Agile Games, Liberating Structures, Miroverse and Design Thinking.

We measure our success by the engagement of the participants, the achievement of the mutually defined goals, and the value generated. Ultimately, this means the satisfaction of our client, your satisfaction!

Make a wish

Tell us your individual wishes and goals by phone (+49 30 609 8388 0) or e-mail ( or feel free to use our contact form.

We also offer

  • Agile Coaching - We accompany your teams, your executives or even the whole organization with commitment on the journey to an Agile company.

  • Agile Consulting - A view from an expert from the outside can sometimes be very enlightening.

  • Agile Leadership Mentoring - We support your leaders in finding their own solutions for specific contexts so that they remain the rock of your organization.

  • Agile Training - We are also happy to provide support with training that teaches the Agile way of working so that all employees are brought to the same level in a structured way.