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Get guidance and support throughout your modernization journey. Modern Apps give you an edge over the competition. Our experts will guide and support you throughout your modernization journey. We will guide and support with minimal interruption to your application's operations. Ditch those outdated legacy apps for modern apps so you can compete against those companies out there who've already started or even completed their cloud modernization process! Modernization is key if you want a chance at success in the future.

Companies increasingly rely on applications to support their business, and application performance at scale increasingly impacts business results. Modern cloud native applications let you use the full potential of cloud to drive business growth. But building modern apps is challenging.

Modern apps take advantage of event driven architectures, automation, and technologies such as containers, serverless, and managed services. They can be scaled efficiently, improved frequently, innovated quickly in response to change, and are resilient to adverse events.

Solution Cloud Modernization E Offers

Top 3 App Modernization AWS Services we support

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

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Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is our default choice when it comes to building and running containerized workloads on AWS. It is a fully managed service and integrates seamlessly with other AWS services. ECS comes in two flavors: Fargate and EC2. As part of our offering we can support you in setting up ECS clusters using Infrastructure as Code tools, containerizing your applications using Docker and deploying them to ECS using CI/CD tools and designing and building applications running on ECS.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

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We recommend Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service especially for larger organizations and organizations that are already using Kubernetes. We support you in navigating the vast Kubernetes ecosystem, set up and optimize EKS clusters and transforming applications to cloud native applications.

AWS Lambda

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AWS Lambda sits at the center of the AWS’ serverless offering and is a perfect fit for event-driven architectures. AWS Lambda can be used together with services such as Amazon EventBridge and AWS Step Functions to re-design existing monolithic applications.

Your Benefits

  • Reduce application modernization risks by drawing on our deep and proven AWS expertise .
  • Optimize costs.
  • Increase velocity of delivery and enhance staff productivity.
  • Increase flexibility and agility of your architecture, processes, and organization.
  • Increase capability to innovate and experiment by unleashing the cloud’s full potential.
  • Integrated cloud & DevOps engineering, consulting and coaching skills.

Why kreuzwerker?

  • We are your trusted and truly collaborative partner who can guide and support you throughout your modernization journey.
  • We can help drive initiatives not only on technological but also on organizational and transformational topics. We can upskill your staff through training, coaching, and pairing.
  • We have delivered expertly crafted modern cloud architectures and applications on AWS since 2010.
  • We are one of the few AWS Partners with Cloud Native and Serverless specializations in addition to competencies in the DevOps and Well-Architected programs in the DACH region.
  • We cultivate a strong partnership with AWS and other cloud related technology providers.
  • We can draw on significant nearshore resources.

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What Clients are saying about kreuzwerker

“kreuzwerker provided the perfect match for the needed support. Not only the required technical & methodical skills, but also the social aspect outperformed the expectations. This helped us to gain new insights and grow our abilities within the team easily.”

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