D’Chrüzwerker chömmed uf Züri.

So now you can spell it kreuCHzwerker or call us CHreuzwerker. We probably don’t have to explain why we opened an office in Zurich, right?

So now you can spell it kreuCHzwerker or call us CHreuzwerker. We probably don’t have to explain why we opened an office in Zurich, right? With all its culture, lakes, mountains, diversity and many other exciting features? And of course, its all surrounded by a whole lot of Switzerland. How could you not want to live work here?

Money, Money, Money…

We’re mostly here for the money. But it’s not what you might be thinking. We have a wealth of financial and insurance experience, and over the years we have perfected digital solutions and services for the financial sector. And because we like to work on site and in person with our customers, we are now at home in Zurich.

Boy have we got something to offer!

In addition to our experience in the finance and insurance industries, we have the knowledge to effectively help Swiss companies migrate to the Cloud and to successfully transition to Agile project management methods. In addition to our standard services (Atlassian Consulting, Cloud Consulting), we will mainly focus on the following products in Switzerland:

Managed Applications

With our managed applications for Atlassian tools, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the Atlassian data center and server products as part of the Cloud offering. We offer constant and consistent control, maintenance and optimization of all tools and their interaction. We manage the entire stack and ensure that everything runs smoothly. As a matter of fact, we are so good at it that it almost gets boring. And so much so, that well over a hundred customers in Germany enjoy this boredom. Check out our website for further details.


We put your ideas out into the world. Our fine-tuned team of experienced architects, designers, developers, Agile coaches, business analysts, Cloud Ops engineers and testers not only launch startups, but boost seasoned companies into the digital orbit.

Together with your teams, we can take a startup from any point in it’s evolution one step further - whether from incubator to world stage.

We say no economy is too old for new ideas. We’ll accompany your company in its digitization, understand it better than anyone else and know how to use the juxtaposition of tradition and future to make it a true success story.

You can learn more about bootstrapping on our website.

Jira as a process management solution

Many often dismiss Jira as just a “developer tool”. Atlassian Jira is a lot more than that, and working with many of our customers, we have proven that the possible applications for its use are endless. No matter if it is customer management, order processing or even just project management processes for the industry. We’d be more than happy to talk to you about this. We’d like to show you how you can map your processes in Jira and how you can benefit from its amazing task management and reporting options.

However, the best thing has already been here for a long time

Everything we offer unleashes the potential that has long been in our customers. So if you feel like it, get to know us, maybe you’ll even discover yourself anew. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can find out more about (kreuzwerker.ch) here or contact us directly (hoi@kreuzwerker.ch).

The credits for cover image go to flickr.