SaaS Transformation

Mastering SaaS Development on AWS! Let us help you create and transform your SaaS solution to fully utilize AWS services. Embrace agility and gain insights to derive business values... faster. The SaaS model is becoming increasingly popular because it allows consumers to simplify their IT management, pay for what they use and reduce their switching costs.

SaaS is a totally different ball game

Customers always have the option to switch to a different product, which is why it is crucial to develop your SaaS offering quickly and reliably, while actively engaging with customers, assisting them in adopting features, and helping them resolve their problems promptly. At kreuzwerker, we can assist you in navigating through this technical and business transformation with our SaaS expertise.


Our Services

We help you build a customer ready product in a cloud native environment.

We evaluate and transform your product using industry best practices.

We assist in your transition to the cloud from on-prem/other cloud providers to AWS.

We add supporting services for observability, deployment automation etc. to your core product.

Your Benefits

  • We are your trusted and truly collaborative partner who can guide and support you throughout your modernization journey.
  • We can help drive initiatives not only on technological but also on organizational and transformational topics. We can upskill your staff through training, coaching, and pairing.
  • We have delivered expertly crafted modern cloud architectures and applications on AWS since 2010.
  • We are one of the few AWS Partners with Cloud Native and Serverless specializations in addition to competencies in the DevOps and Well-Architected programs in the DACH region.
  • We cultivate a strong partnership with AWS and other cloud related technology providers.
  • We can draw on significant nearshore resources.

Why kreuzwerker

  • Quickly respond to market needs by drawing on our deep and proven AWS expertise.
  • Increase flexibility and agility of your architecture, processes, and organization.
  • Optimize costs.
  • Increase velocity of delivery and enhance staff productivity.
  • Increase capability to innovate and experiment by unleashing the cloud’s full potential.
  • Integrated cloud & DevOps engineering, consulting and coaching skills.

Services and Tools

What Clients are saying about kreuzwerker

„kreuzwerker provided the perfect match for the needed support. Not only the required technical & methodical skills, but also the social aspect outperformed the expectations. This helped us to gain new insights and grow our abilities within the team easily.“

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