Managed Hosting

We not only host, we really manage. And by that we mean constant and consistent control, maintenance and optimization of all systems and applications and their interaction.

We’re so efficient you’ll get bored.

We don’t only host, we manage. You can enjoy all the benefits of Atlassian data center and server products as part of the Cloud offering within our managed applications for Atlassian tools. We offer constant and consistent control, maintenance and optimization of all tools and their interaction. We manage the entire stack and make sure that everything runs smoothly. We can also easily migrate your content from existing Atlassian environments at the same time. And that’s a good type of boredom.

The crux of Managed Hosting

  • ready to use in 48 hours
  • over 100 active instances
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • flexible SLAs
  • integrated into your infrastructure
  • Hosting


Secure and compliant.

We make sure that your data is safe. We process your GDPR-compatible data in our ISO27001 certified data center. Safety at all levels is our top priority. We are audited regularly and perform independent penetration tests.

Super fast.

Every customer receives their own (virtualized) hardware in a separate VPC (Virtual Private Network). We do not share environments or overbook the hardware. We optimize everything for performance and speed.

Maximum flexibility.

We offer you full flexibility setting up applications, hosting and infrastructures and extending your Atlassian tool stack. You can combine all Atlassian products that are onsite in the infrastructure, or all user directories via VPN.

Total control

You retain unrestricted administrative access. There are no limits in terms of installable add-ons, customizations, automation or available resources. You benefit from all the features offered by Atlassian server and data center products.

Performance for every size

We can scale your environment without sacrificing performance: from small, single-node server environments to large, multi-node cluster environments with high availability. But beyond that, we adapt to your specific needs.

Professional support.

Whether you have issues regarding onboarding via migration, operations, change, error and security management to customer support and administration, our experts are always there to help you: 24/7.

The kreuzwerker Managed Hosting Stack

At the core of our Managed Hosting Stacks are application containers on Amazon EC2 instances, which we customize to customer requirements. Our feature-rich stack is fully managed, fully automated, and provides flexible options for a variety of use cases:

  • combine any Atlassian applications (servers and data centers)
  • flexible deployment of test / staging / dev environments
  • automatic re-sizing of resources
  • auto healing on multiple infrastructure levels
  • end-to-end encryption for all customer data
  • flexible back-up options for frequency, content and retention time
  • offsite back-ups
  • every mail infrastructure (incoming and outgoing)
  • sophisticated logging / monitoring
  • in-depth health checks


Rely on experienced experts.

Our certified Atlassian experts have many years of experience in conducting successful migrations and mergers. This includes setting up new server environments, migrating your data from Cloud to server, and scaling the server. We also support you in proxy configuration and when you are connecting to the server.

You don’t have to start from zero again.

If you already use Atlassian tools on-site, in your own Cloud, or at Atlassian, don’t worry: we’ll take care of it, In addition to large instance migrations, upgrades, or merges of multiple instances, we can also migrate your content from Redmine, MediaWiki, DocuWiki, Trello, or other tools that allow you to export your data

Plan, test, test, test, execute!

We know how important Atlassian environments can be for your organization. With careful planning, well-defined processes, and multiple trial runs, we help minimize the downtime of your applications during migration. Over the years, we have developed a migration framework that sets the necessary guidelines for complex migrations. This contains:

  • migration evaluation
  • dry run(s)
  • migration, test and rollback plans
  • production migration
  • change of control
  • hyper care

Security, reliability, speed.

All good things come in threes. All our work is carried out in compliance with strict German and European data protection standards. Your data will not be shared with external sources and will not be processed outside the EU.

Our Managed Hosting Stack has integrated failover mechanisms at all levels of the infrastructure, including: auto healing.

We have successfully migrated or merged many large, highly customized and complex environments. Our tools enable us to convert, merge, transform, correct and optimize the source data. We ensure consistency, integrity and perfectly optimized target systems.

Expert Level: Platinum

Lean back and relax: Our Atlassian Certified Professionals team has performed a multitude of successful migrations of all sizes. With our methods and tools we can plan, manage and execute migrations of any size.


Everything Atlassian from one source.

As a longtime Atlassian partner and Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we offer a full range of Atlassian services from one source. We advise, install, host, configure and develop the tools you need. Let our consultants guide you through requirements management, key decision-making processes, new product launches, and change projects.

The ultimate system check.

We test your Atlassian tools at a fixed price. We thoroughly examine your current stack and plan your configuration. A detailed scan of your set-up enables us to identify problems and performance bottlenecks, and identify optimization potential.

Performance optimization workshops

Has your business grown and your Atlassian stack become obsolete? Jira, Confluence & Co. aren’t as fast as they used to be? We have extensive experience in optimizing the performance of Atlassian products: whether it’s for 10 or 10,000 users, we get the most out of your new environment and help you grow.

Active license management

There are several reasons for missing maintenance renewals. And there is one solution: We offer active license management for all Atlassian tools and add-ons with an auto-renewal option that fits your procurement processes. You don’t have to worry about anything. If you wish to keep your licenses, they will be automatically renewed for another year. We’ll also help you consolidate your Atlassian licenses.

The upgrade package.

Forget about the mandatory upgrade headaches - we’ll take care of your release updates. Choose from a range of upgrade support options, including simple advice to a fully implemented support package where kreuzwerker handles the entire upgrade process for you.

Administrative support.

In addition to break / fix support, you will receive an additional resource that complements the capabilities and capabilities of your internal team. This covers a variety of tasks, from workflow changes to the creation of custom fields.

Custom training and continuing education.

We are Atlassian Authorized Training Partners and offer official and personalized Atlassian training. Official Atlassian training courses offer you a quick and professional introduction at different levels to the respective products. There are, however, several scenarios in which individual coaching customized to a specific employee may be more appropriate. This might be the case after the introduction of a Confluence-based intranet, or changing the workflow when switching to JIRA. We would be happy to put together a workshop tailored to your needs.

“Thirteen, we have a solution!”
“Houston, please repeat…”
“We identified the problem and have implemented a solution.”
"Thanks, Houston, continue our flight to the Fra Mauro Highlands. ETA 12 hours. "

Service Level Agreements

All of our managed hosting plans come with standard support that covers all corrective actions designed to keep your environment up and running during normal business hours. In addition, we offer a variety of service level agreements to provide increased support.

You can contact our support department at our service desk portal , by E-mail or by phone - authorized customers receive their own OCD telephone number.

Our support team can also assist you with everything related to Atlassian.


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