Using Azure KeyVault as property source in Spring Boot

Jonatan Reiners

In my current project we had first contact with the Azure Cloud. Azure offers the KeyVault as their product to store secrets safely in the environment you deploy your services to. While it supports different scenarios, I was focussing my efforts on…

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What do you know about cybersecurity?


One might think that banking apps are SSL encrypted by default or that “123456” password is used by people who never heard of malware and think that antivirus software is a type of antibiotic. Wrong.

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Atlassian Solution Day 2017


Die kreuzwerker GmbH lädt Sie herzlich zum Atlassian Solution Day in Berlin ein! Sichern Sie sich noch heute Ihr kostenloses Eintritts-Ticket hier!

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Atlassian OOP 2017 - Retrospective

Daniel Meisen

It has been a long time, that I personally attended OOP. With the OOP being one of the major development conferences in Germany, we did not hesitate when Atlassian asked us to be part of the Atlassian booth and present on the Atlassian Special Day.

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Atlassian OOP 2017


You can expect excellent and inspiring meetings during the Atlassian Special Day on the January, 31st in Munich. The event will be a part of the OOP 2017 conference which opens its door for all business and Atlassian experts, passionates and users.

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Projekt Users.js


Bereits im Frühjahr 2014 dachten die kreuzwerker über neue Lösungen für mehr Datenschutz und Sicherheit bei digitalen Diensteanbietern nach. Erste Ideenskizzen wurden zu Papier gebracht. Was unter dem Eindruck von Überwachungsskandalen und weltweit…

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Welt Edition von WeltN24 durch kreuzwerker jetzt noch erreichbarer


Wieder einmal wurde WeltN24 durch die kreuzwerker unterstützt. Diesmal um die Reichweite ihres Premium-Produkts "Welt Edition" zu erweitern.

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Christmas à la Kreuzwerker


What better time to join the kreuzwerker family in Berlin than right before Christmas? One handsome Christmas tree? Check. Stockings filled with yummy surprises? Check. Family members showing up at the office and helping decorate our Berlin office,…

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GOTO Berlin 2016

Alexander Pruss

The GOTO Berlin Conference, otherwise known as Gotober, takes place in November. There’s an ticket open to move it to October, but it won’t make it into the 2017 release. Tech debt can be hard to pay off!

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Besuchen Sie uns auf den Agile Testing Days!

Daniel Meisen

Vom 05. - 09. Dezember findet dieses Jahr erneut Europas größte Agile Software Testing Konferenz in Potsdam statt.

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