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Amazon OpenSearch Service & Elasticsearch

We’ll help you assess, migrate and improve your AWS OpenSearch and Elasticsearch based search solutions.

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Profit from our experience with OpenSearch, Elasticsearch and the AWS ecosystem to help you identify areas of improvement.

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OpenSearch and Elasticsearch Cluster audits are clear action plans based on tried and tested blueprints and hands-on support.

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Reduced cost, increased stability, more reliability and security and improved performance.

  • “There are some consultants who are so smart that they make you feel stupid - and then there are consultants who are so smart that they even make you smarter. kreuzwerker were the latter.”* - Bart Collins, Head of Enterprise Data, Orderbird

Our Services


Our certified experts

  • Assess your current search and analytics infrastructure and implementation using our holistic approach that encompasses both AWS infrastructure and core OpenSearch / Elasticsearch concepts.
  • Provide a clear set of prioritized action steps based on the outcome.
  • Equip you with guidelines for the future.


Our consultants help you to

  • Define the best migration strategy. From Lift&Shift to modernizing to designing completely new architectures - we support you in making the right decision.
  • Plan the migration and its execution step by step.
  • Acquire all the necessary skills to confidently manage and operate your search solutions.


Our experienced engineers

  • Identify measures to reduce costs, improve search performance, enhance security posture and achieve operational excellence.
  • Establish tooling and processes to continuously measure and improve your KPIs.
  • Implement changes either independently or as integrated experts together with your teams.

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Achieve peace of mind in all areas

Cluster Setup & Maintenance

The right cluster setup and maintenance strategy is a key factor when it comes to reducing costs and improving performance while keeping reliability, security and operational excellence at a high standard.

Our standardized cluster assessment covers all relevant areas such as hardware selection, security controls, data retention management, monitoring and alerting setup and automated provisioning and provides a clear path to action.

Search & Index Optimization

Providing fast and reliable search experience as part of your core business might pose an ongoing challenge. An ever increasing amount of data and advanced use cases require a suitable data schema and query design and optimized indexing and sharding strategies.

Combining the right core OpenSearch / Elasticsearch features with native AWS solutions leads to best results. Let’s take a deep-dive together!

DevOps Tools & Principles

Running a search engine in the public cloud - regardless whether as a managed or self-managed service such as Amazon OpenSearch - poses new challenges in terms of operational practices. These can easily be overcome with the right selection of tools such as infrastructure-as-code, build and deployment pipelines and observability solutions. Based on our longtime experience with operating workloads in the cloud, we can support you in choosing and adapting the right tools and practices.

What clients are saying about kreuzwerker:

“With kreuzwerker we found a technically experienced, reliable and committed partner for one of our core cloud application developments. This platform has to be developed to be highly scalable and performant serving several 100,000s customers in the future.” - Marcel Müller, CTO, quirion

“We had the pleasure to work with engineers from kreuzwerker in our very complex and time critical migration project. The engineers had a huge positive impact from day one and helped us out with their great AWS knowledge and experience to finish this project successfully!” - Engineering Manager, Scout24 AG