We are FinOps Certified Service Provider

kreuzwerker is FinOps Foundation’s first German partner
Heinrich Marks

At kreuzwerker, we love innovative and pioneering work. That’s why we have our head in the Cloud and why we create customized solutions for our clients’ Cloud environments.

With our next partnership, we’ve taken one step further into an area that will solve a pain point for many developers and finance professionals alike, namely cost management and optimization in the Cloud.

FinOps Badge

We proudly announce that we are the FinOps Foundation’s very first German Certified Service Provider!

FinOps Certified Service Provider?

The FinOps Certified Service Provider certification confirms kreuzwerker as a leader and expert in consulting, and that we can help businesses implementing FinOps into their own company and their individual Cloud environment.

What is FinOps and who is the Foundation?

The term FinOps combines Finance and Operations. It basically describes the method of financial management, economic thinking and cost awareness in the Cloud. At its core, FinOps unites a company’s finance area with the technology area, and creates better visibility and control. The FinOps Foundation is part of the Linux Foundation, and focuses on the FinOps operation model in the Cloud.

What does it mean to you?

We have embraced FinOps because we saw how raw and uncertain this topic still is for many companies. We have personally witnessed how expensive the lack of good financial management in a Cloud environment can be. We know the challenges and we know how to tackle them.

By leveraging our experience and expertise, you can in no time at all pick the low-hanging cost optimization fruit because we know exactly where to look! We can help you analyze your cost drivers, optimize them and avoid additional expenses in the future. We’ve literally saved millions of dollars for our clients, but that’s only half the story. Implementing a FinOps strategy in your organization is, in a sense, a cultural change in the company. And that’s where our real expertise comes in. We help you combine finance and technology in a way that works for you and your business!

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