kreuzwerker Christmas Party 2020

Same same but different

This year’s Christmas party - like everything else – was completely different than previous ones. Naturally, it was virtual!

We use Hopin as a platform and have prepared four rooms there.
A main stage - a place for the speech that our managing director aka Tilmann Eing tends to bypass at the “real” Christmas parties, but does hold this year. Virtually someone has to say something. He talks about the year, the challenges and the hopes for 2021.

Then everyone can choose a room or hop back and forth between the rooms.

Room two, “The Tale of Christmas,” teaches us about Christmas traditions from all over the world. The kreuzwerker colleagues come from 23 different nations. We learn a lot → How do you celebrate a 30C° Christmas in Argentina (you cool down with alcohol). What are the traditions in Honduras? What does the Ukrainian Santa Claus look like? Different, but just as warm, familiar and beautiful! One thing is the same in all of us: you’ll find good food and wild decorations everywhere.

Room three is the “Bar zur fetten Ecke”. It feels almost like a real bar in here. The only difference is that everyone has to bring their own alcoholic or non-alcoholic cold or hot drinks. We chat and exchange ideas. How have the others fared in this extraordinary time? How’s the family? What was the best thing and what was the worst thing about Corona year 2020? Which brand of alcohol is the best way to forget Corona for a short time? And what are the best tips for leisure activities with and without children? Whatever is on your mind.

Room four is the Game Zone! It’s here – surprisingly - where you find most of the action. There is wild scribbling. One player gets to choose one of three words and then has to draw it while the others have to guess what it is. There is lots of laughter! Despite the occasional technical difficulties. We are already used to them in the mass of virtual events we’ve all had this year. “Can you hear me?” “Are you there?” “My internet connection is unstable.”

It was no comparison to the Christmas parties of previous years, but we still had a lot of fun. We all eagerly hope to toast together again next year and enjoy a cozy, festive Christmas party with super delicious food and lots of sharing. Real life - and with hugs. Lots of hugs.

Cover Photo Unsplash