Lea Daiker

Office Management & Team Assistent

All good things come in threes...

Lea comes from the village of Hechingen-Boll, which is more accurately a moment of silence in the midst of untouched nature. If you take Berlin as a benchmark, Nora almost grew up in the wilderness. Consequently, Sophie enjoys being outside in her free time: at the sea, in the mountains, botanical gardens and always in the water. As much as she enjoys the peace of being outside, Lea is also very indoor active. It’s a pleasure to have her in our office. Because if there’s one thing Nora loves as much as nature, then it’s people and above all, meeting new ones. With her open and direct manner, Sophie helps out wherever she can; she listens, organizes, and understands there are two sides to chaos (she manages it, but she can also cause it herself 😉. The multiple names, by the way, are not a mistake, Lea is also called Nora. And Sophie.