DevOps Retreat - Docker Introduction Workshop

Joern Barthel

Today we introduce a new workshop format: "DevOps Retreat". Retreats are half-day workshops for developers, devops and system engineers who would like to learn about a tool or a particular technology hands-on. Our first DevOps Retreat will cover the introduction of Docker.

kreuzwerker is using Docker in production for more than a year - see our earlier post Shipping Docker or recent talk at DevOpsDays Warsaw: Docker offshore. We would like to share our knowledge and experience in a workshop in our nice office in Berlin. Join us on the 24th of October from 2pm to 6pm - slots are limited, so don’t hesitate and sign up right now at Eventbrite.

The workshop is suited for everyone with application development / deployment experience. You may have used Docker already in the past, but profound Docker knowledge is not required.

We are going to introduce the basic concept of Docker and shed some light on building, distributing and running Docker containers. How does a Docker image work in detail? How are volatile deployment components handled? And how is the state of an application stored efficiently?

Attendees of the workshop will be able to set up all necessary components of a complete Docker tool stack. You will learn about the advantages of Docker as well as its limitations.

We hope to see you on the 24th of October!

Register via Eventbrite.

Joern Barthel

Joern has been developing, debugging and designing software for many clients. At kreuzwerker he is responsible for architecture, new technologies and concepts. A computer science graduate, his professional interest is in the use of functional programming languages and the…

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