Shipping Docker

Joern Barthel

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Docker, the container packaging that's currently busy redefining the way we ship and develop applications. In fact we've been using Docker for production workloads since summer 2013, as well as the terrific CoreOS (a minimalistic, auto-updating and clusterable container-host). RedHat's apparent answer to CoreOS - Atomic - looks amazing as well, even though we have not been able to test-drive it.

Complemented with our toolchain of Puppet, Chef and Ansible for host provisioning (or CoreOS for the absence of it) and CloudFormation for AWS infrastructure provisioning our Devops teams are almost at the point where the only thing that is not 100% automated about our setups is the reading of a projects Exciting times!

Good news, everyone!

But our setup is not what this post is about, because this week was really all about these amazing breakthroughs for the Docker community:

Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks a lot for your collective efforts! The future is around the corner, and it's configured in a Dockerfile.

Joern Barthel

Joern entwickelt, debugged und entwirft Software seit über zehn Jahren. Bei den kreuzwerkern ist er für Architektur, neue Technologien und Konzepte zuständig. Das Interesse des Diplom-Informatikers gilt dem Einsatz von funktionalen Programmiersprachen und der Architektur…

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