New Training: How To Create OKRs That Work

Combine alignment with autonomy, vision and execution like never before

OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – are more than a pure goal-setting mechanism; they help define desired outcomes and ways to reach them. But perhaps the most notable byproduct of utilizing OKRs is that they enable your team/organization to align its vision with its execution—an oft missing, yet quintessential aspect of effective goal setting. Alignment with autonomy is the key component.

The “How”: Key results are left to the teams, paving a clear path to autonomy. And the “What”: Objectives become a matter of conversation and reflection between management and teams, leading to a clear focus on and understanding of the vision.

This training will enable you to learn–and explain to others–the ins and outs of OKRs, successfully implement them in your team/company, and rid yourself of the myriad disconnects that hinder agility and the goal-setting process.

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Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • Learn the key differences between OKRs and other goal-setting methods
  • Understand how OKRs add to organizational agility
  • Understand the processes, mechanisms, benefits and constraints of OKRs
  • Gain the ability and confidence to create OKRs that work

Our approach to training:

“We remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 90% of what we do.” -Edgar Dale

Making this the basis of our philosophy, this training will be hands-on and full of practical exercises and examples, teamwork and discussions.


All technical and non-technical individuals who desire to deep dive into the OKR framework, regardless of whether or not you’re already using OKRs in your organization. Scrum Masters, product people, tech leads, and team leads—from inside or outside of digital business—are all welcome.


Beginner to intermediate

__Prior Knowledge

Technical Requirements

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Zoom
  • Headphones and Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Miro Login (invitation will be sent in advance)


Half day course: 3.5 hour session with practical examples

Interested in this training? Please get in touch!