kreuzwerker is now Kubernetes certified

You expect your web services apps to be available around the clock, and to be able to use new versions quickly?
Thomas Körner

With the help of containerization, Kubernetes can quickly deploy, scale and manage your application. Whether local or global, the containerized application deployed in Kubernetes grows with you. kreuzwerker GmbH, a leading Cloud integrator based in Berlin-Kreuzberg, has, in addition to the practical experience with Kubernetes, also formally underscored this through numerous deployments in the Cloud environment with AWS and Azure. We have assisted a large number of customers in automating, providing and managing their containers more efficiently, and our consultants were recently certified as Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).

Digital technology is a genuine and honest craft for us. We migrate, accelerate, network, improve agility and reduce friction; we also provide clarity for complex problems. We advise and coach digital autonomy. We plan and implement digital technologies that make companies more successful even far beyond these technologies. Therefore, if you need help migrating existing applications and services to the Cloud or want to implement a new idea, simply write to us.