Tadeusz Uherek

Tadeusz has worked as a software developer for over 12 years. His specialties include Java, C#, and JEE, among others.

He began his career working as a C, C++ and C# programer alongside his BA studies in computer science at Warsaw University of Science. Later on, he switched to Java and pursued a master's in computer systems management at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

Since then, he has been gathering requirements, designing, developing and maintaining enterprise systems for telecommunication and insurance companies, such as Sage Symfonia, Pulsar Mobile, and Bluesoft, and Bazy i Systemy Bankowe Sp. z o.o. (BSB).

As a certified Oracle programmer, Tadeusz's work includes much more than developing enterprise solutions; he also takes an active part in smaller projects which use other languages and technologies.

At kreuzwerker's Warsaw branch, Tadeusz's main responsibility includes maintaining, creating, and developing Java applications.

In his free time, Tadeusz likes to read books, watch movies, and practice various types of sports—jogging, cycling, and self-defense. He defines himself as a big fan of open source and mobile phones.