Julianne Santos

Delivery Manager

Connecting dots in god mode.

As delivery manager, Julianne loves connecting dots with a crazy number of colored Sharpies and sticky notes. Yet, none of her work will ever be as colorful as her life. Let’s connect the dots: roller skating in a Brazilian supermarket, quick pan through the Sistine chapel, painting with watercolors. Beautiful flowers seep into paper. We’re in a museum. Now walking and chatting in a park with a big coffee in our hands. Oh, look at that lavender couch! We’re on a desert planet. Fear is the mind-killer. We’re working in advertising. As a web developer. No, project manager. Now agile coach. Hey, is this a glass of wine? Can you hold my backpack? Let’s create safe spaces for collaboration. Plot twist. We should time travel more. If you think this is exciting, we recommend you meet the original…