Judith Riegler

Office Manager

Judith already knows you ...

Her knowledge of human nature is so developed, that she probably already knows you just because you have read this. So it’s only fair if you would get to know her a bit as well: Judy is the good soul in our Swiss office. She is always helpful and courteous and – wait, no, not always: Judy simply can’t stand injustice and it makes her quite angry. Much like a Gremlin fed after midnight. During the day she loves to spend time with the family and likes hiking and cycling. She is especially fascinated by the Swiss mountains (who isn’t?). But most of all, she really loves to travel to faraway places. Such as Paris, for example. Or the Maldives. Shel surely has some good tips for you. And if it’s your birthday, ask her to play ""Happy Birthday“ on the trumpet.