Aleksandra Ramos

Managing Director Warsaw

Here comes the sun

Alex radiates energy. Just like the sun, she brings warmth and life whenever she appears. She has had an extensive history in recruitment, and loves seeing people grow. But she also loves growing businesses, managing chaos, and dealing with the tough stuff, which is perfect because she happens to be our Managing Director.

Alex has an unrivaled love for communication, understanding others, and solving problems. She craves new challenges and is a courageous and genuine problem solver. She also enjoys “working with smart and funny people”. Well, Alex, you’re in the right place.

Her energy never stops bubbling, especially in her leisure time. She’s always in motion and trying out new things. To maintain a healthy balance, Alex enjoys meditation, yoga, weightlifting and spending as much time in nature (preferably water) as possible. Being a proud mom has made her even more energetic. She loves taking part in TV productions and would like to have a show of her own one day. Or become a professional rapper.