2021 kreuzwerker calendar

The 2021 kreuzwerker calendar is ready. It is available as a limited edition with four different themes.

As in previous years, all employees in Berlin, Munich, Zurich and Warsaw were invited within an office competition to submit their original photographs. The jury chose four of the submitted images, which were then shipped to our clients. You can see the winners in our gallery. The calendars now adorn offices and apartments of friends, clients and partners.

Wandkalender 2021 Motiv A
image A

Wandkalender 2021 Motiv B
image B

Wandkalender 2021 Motiv C
image C

Wandkalender 2021 Motiv D
image D

The calendars have been a beloved kreuzwerker tradition for years, and enjoy great popularity internally and externally. As every year, the focus of the design is more on appearance and less on function, still, our calendar is the perfect place for you to jot down birthday reminders on a beautiful background.

Feel free to contact us at marketing@kreuzwerker.de! We’ll gladly send you the calendar with the photograph of your choice (if available). Unfortunately, this year a quick visit to Kreuzberg to enjoy a great cup of coffee while picking up your calendar isn’t possible. But those days are soon to return.

Format: DIN A0 (118,9 x 84,1 cm)