Increase speed to market, decrease errors and enhance team efficiency with Pactflow.

The problem with microservices

Software is the heart of many businesses - it’s how they connect with their customers and remain relevant in a fast paced and competitive environment. Being agile to meet the needs of the market and providing a reliable offering for customers is critical. A microservices architecture enables this however as you scale, complexities in testing can arise, resulting in:

  • Unnecessary wait time to get new features live
  • Longer service outages and errors in production
  • Inability to respond to customer preferences or market changes with ease and speed
  • Inefficient use of the development team’s time.

A solution: fast, easy and reliable microservices testing at scale

Pactflow is a SaaS platform that solves the complex challenges of testing microservices and API integrations allowing companies with multiple development teams to orchestrate contract testing at scale. Pactflow, enables hundreds of companies globally to hold or regain their competitive position in market by:

  • Deploying new features faster / increasing speed to market
  • Decreasing errors and the time taken to restore system outages
  • Eliminating unnecessary time and costs to increase team efficiency.

Pact user survey Sept. 2020
Source: Pact user survey Sept. 2020

How Pact contract testing works

Contract testing, popularised through the open source Pact framework, is an approach that captures the interactions between two services and serialises them into a contract, which can then be used to verify that both parties adhere to it. Implementing this pattern allows for services to evolve independently, enabling teams to scale, continuous delivery via independent releases and simplified testing.

Use cases

  • Javascript web applications (e.g. React)
  • Native mobile applications
  • RESTful APIs and microservices
  • Asynchronous messaging (e.g. Kafka)

Pactflow is the industry standard for testing microservices.

Pactflow Solution

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