NetApp is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company’s specializations include optimizing customers’ data usage with industry-leading cloud data services and data management software. They take the data services their customers have trusted for years and move them to the cloud for agile, flexible, secure and efficient data management. This enables customers to leverage the storage value propositions developed over many years, such as cost efficiency, high availability, encryption, cloning, back-up integration and multi-protocol for their cloud services.

In addition, NetApp also offers various optimization and cost-saving services in the area of cloud compute utilization through its Spot brand. By using ML algorithms and Cloud Ops automation tools based on them, they help their customers get the most out of their cloud investments. This provides scalable and resilient cloud infrastructures at affordable prices, both for monolithic applications and for modern web applications and containerized microservices on container platforms.

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