Level up your Amazon OpenSearch cluster in a week


26.07.2023 | 11:00

Level up your Amazon OpenSearch cluster in a week
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In this webinar, we will showcase the main activities and benefits of our Search Assessment offering. We’ll take you through a real-life project where we partnered with a big MarTech player to enhance their Amazon OpenSearch solution for big data analytics while cutting over 60% of monthly costs.

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Online Event - Duration: 60 min

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Companies that are already evaluating Amazon OpenSearch solutions or facing financial or operational issues with the technology.


26.07.2023, 11:00 am

Technical Requirements:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Zoom
  • Headphones

Prior Knowledge:
Introductory knowledge of Amazon OpenSearch or Elasticsearch




Guido Lena Cota

Senior Consultant

Olga Syrova

Senior Consultant

Get a glimpse into kreuzwerker’s Search Assessment offering to accelerate financial and operational efficiency with Amazon OpenSearch!

You will learn:

  • How we assess a search solution through the systematic review of use cases, infrastructure, index and query designs, focusing on the key factors that impact costs.
  • Best practices and effective remediations to maximize the resource utilization and cost-efficiency of an Amazon OpenSearch cluster tailored for big data analytics.
  • Useful tips, illustrative examples, and lessons learned to provide practical guidance for capacity planning.

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  • Case Study: Amazon OpenSearch for Big Data Analysis
  • How to assess Amazon OpenSearch for Cost Efficiency
  • Remediations and Best Practices for a New Capacity Planning
  • Our Search Assessment Offering in a Nutshell
  • Q&A


Guido Lena Cota

Senior Consultant

Guido is a seasoned software engineer known for his proficiency in building search solutions. His domain expertise, certified by AWS & Elastic, is backed by years of hands-on experience in search engine optimization, data analysis & systems observability.

Olga Syrova

Senior Consultant

Olga is a full-stack developer with extensive experience in building scalable systems, specializing in backend development. She has hands-on experience in building and optimizing search solutions with ElasticSearch and OpenSearch.

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