Ulrike König

Ulrike started out in the five-star hotel industry, where she had worked for well over 10 years. Seeking to expand her horizons, she shifted her focus to operations and began working as an assistant to management, supporting big companies such as Accor Services, BVMW e.V., and Ampelmann GmbH with various managerial-level tasks.

In 2011, Ulrike became a beloved-by-all 'kreuzwerker.' As the head of our backend office, Ulrike's operational talent and vast skills enable kreuzwerker to run smoothly, 24/7. She is responsible for the company's entire internal organization and administration and serves as the first point of contact for any inquiry.

Ulrike takes pleasure in organizing whatever requires organization—she is known for her unique ability to tackle chaos in the most creative ways. She happily assists others when facing tricky situations and is always up to trying new things.

When she isn't busy managing the backend office and taking care of everything, for that matter, Ulrike likes to go to the movies and visit the opera house or concert hall. In summer, she enjoys playing golf.  

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