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Media Hack Day 2014 API closeup

Jan Nabbefeld

Joining a hackathon can be amazing but what can you expect participating on the Media Hack Day 2014 as a developer? What kind of features are provided by the APIs opened up for this event?

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Media Hack Day 2014

Jan Nabbefeld

Welcome to the world of publishing! A market with an enormous history is searching for innovation. Hunderts of publishing companies out there trying to find new solutions to sale their digital content based on state of the art technology. Finding an…

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Happy new year 2014

Joern Barthel

2013 was a great year for us - we did a lot of amazing consulting work and build a whole bunch of exciting software. With the new year fresh of the boat I think it's time to have a quick look back and reflect on our stack choices and what we think…

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