sysob "Best Newcomer 2020": kreuzwerker!

kreuzwerker's Okta partnership already leading to great results.

As a consulting company that strongly focuses on Cloud & IT security, intelligent workplace management and much more, we started our journey with Okta in late Summer 2020. While already recommending Okta products in many consulting projects or connecting Atlassian applications to Okta for many years, in Spring 2020 we began discussions to professionalize and formalize that partnership. What started as a little side project is gaining more and more momentum inside kreuzwerker but also with our (partially new) customers. Therefore we’re more than happy to have been rewarded with the “Best Newcomer 2020” award by SysOb, one of two distributors of Okta in the DACH region and a known Value-Added-Distributor of security products.

At the same time we are climbing the ranks of the partner programme, building out knowledge internally and next to reselling Okta at competitive rates, we support our customers by managing and implementing Okta products in workforce identify scenarios (SSO, MFA, Access Management etc.) and/or in customer identity scenarios (authentication, authorization, MFA, lifecycle management).

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